Will You Have a Leak-Free Roof This Winter?

Leak Free Roof

Making sure your roof is leak-free is important when heading into a northern Utah winter. It pays to check on certain areas of your roof before the real cold sets in. If you spot a problem before it escalates, you could prevent major water damage inside and outside your home.

Ask yourself the following questions while examining your home’s roof:

Is My Roof Well Past its Useful Age?

Maybe you have been in denial, but now you’re ready to admit it: Your home needs a new roof. You’ve been hiring professionals to complete patch job after patch job, but it’s finally become clear to you that what your home needs is a whole new roof.

If your roof is past its warranty — typically over 20 years old or more — and leaks continually plague your home, it’s time to schedule a replacement right away.

Do You Have Constant Gutter Drainage Issues?

If your gutters are constantly filling up and spilling over, soaking the roof deck and dripping into the attic or living spaces below, you need repairs. The gutters may have a serious blockage, or they may need to be readjusted to correct their position. This might be a simple task that a roofing contractor can take care of quickly.

Do You Have Warped Flashing or Missing Shingles?

Wear and tear affects every roof, whether it is covered under warranty or not. However, if the contractor who installed your roof was less than thorough, you may see premature signs of aging, such as flashing that’s beginning to bend and pull away from the roof, or missing shingles.

While these issues may not result in a leak right away, ignoring them may eventually bring one about. You might as well make the repairs sooner rather than later — you’ll be thankful if the weather ends up being tough on your home this winter.

Call a Professional

No matter how bad your roof’s condition, you should never climb on top of your house and try to repair the problem on your own. Always call a professional roofing contractor to take a look. You could injure yourself or make the issue worse if you don’t have the training required for the job.

If you are concerned about your roof leaking, Call Knockout Roofing today for a free inspection and estimate. You’ll be glad you did the next time a snowstorm hits. For a leak-free roof today and every day, call the experts at Knockout Roofing.