Elite “Ultra” Heavy Duty Package

Elite Heavy Duty Package Main Pic


The Best Value: The very best architectural shingle available

The Strongest Warranty: The strongest, safest warranty protection anywhere-period. Backed by Good House Keeping.

Price: “It was both the most economical and visually appealing replacement for our roof.”

Elite Packages can only be offered by Master Elite Contractors: Master Elite Status is achieved by only 3% of roofing contractors in the nation. Your warranty is not only covered by one contractor but a network of professionals working together to improve the quality of roofing.

  • 60% thicker than your standard shingle
  • Color Lock granules, premium quality to keep your roof new and longer.
  • Excellent resale value
  • 130 MPH wind rated installation
  • The strongest architectural shingle in its class
  • A great selection of warm & cool colors
  • Your best defense for your home from outside elements

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Elite Heavy Duty 4

Elite Heavy Duty 5

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Colors: Ultra high definition for ultra good looks. A large selection from “A striking look unmatched by any other brand.”

Customer Experience: “The roof looks fantastic, we were pleased with how the project went.”

Why I chose this package: “I like the architectural look and it helped bring up the value of my home.”