When to Pass on DIY Roof Repairs and Call a Contractor

DIY Roof Repairs

DIY roof repairs may make sense to you if you’re a real go-getter — the independent type. If this is you, when your home needs a repair, you do research, buy the materials and take care of it on your own. You’re not used to calling a professional — you like to rely on yourself.

While this approach may work for a leaky faucet, DIY roof repairs aren’t in the same category.

The function of shingles, flashing and vents may seem straightforward, but when they’re installed incorrectly, your entire home can suffer damage. You’re intelligent and you can learn quickly, but there are no second chances when it comes to roof repairs. If it isn’t done right the first time, you’ll end up paying more in worry and cash down the road.

Here are a few scenarios in which your own expertise just won’t cut it and you’ll need the help of a seasoned roofing contractor:

You Have a Roofing Warranty

If your roof came with a warranty, fixing it on your own could void the agreement. Unless the original, certified contractor takes care of the work, both the labor and materials may no longer be covered.

While DIY work is supposed to save money, DIY roof repairs will end up costing you more in the long run if you’re risking a voided warranty.

You Can See Water Leaking through Your Roof

When you suspect there’s an issue with your roof such as a leak, your first instinct is probably to go up to the attic to check it out. By examining the insulation and the roof decking, you’ll get an up-close view of what’s going on with your roof. Do you see water stains, or water dripping onto the attic floor?

Don’t wait – call a contractor right away. Besides placing a bucket underneath the drip to limit the spread of water, no DIY roof repairs can solve this issue. An experienced roofer will find the source of the leak and fix it, ensuring your home is protected from future water damage.

Roof Damage Was Caused by a Severe Storm

Is there a branch or tree lodged in your roof? Has an ice storm or windy weather done a number on your home? Whatever you do, don’t climb onto the roof to see the damage — call a roofing contractor. Climbing onto a rooftop is always dangerous, but especially when a roof is icy, wet and stability may have been compromised.

Your Roof Needs to Be Replaced

Don’t ever try to re-roof a home on your own or without the proper training. It’s not as easy as online tutorials might make it seem, and you could be injured, or at the very least complete the project incorrectly, creating a bigger, more expensive project.

Forego DIY roof repairs and call Knockout Roofing when you need routine or emergency roofing solutions, and get affordable, professional service you can count on.