Should You Be Planning Your Roof Replacement Now?

ReroofingPlanning your roof replacement is an essential duty as a homeowner. While some things need not be replaced until they break — like a dishwasher or a garage door — the roof ranks higher on the scale of importance. A home’s roof is its primary defense against rain, snow, hail and wind. Each day your roof ages, you are one step closer to a roof replacement.

Preparation is key to making successful financial decisions. You wouldn’t go out and purchase a vehicle without researching the make and model. The same rules should apply to a roof. With average costs for a roof replacement at $12,000, you must ensure the materials are top-notch and the contractor has an outstanding resume.

Construct a Home-Improvement Timeline

The first step toward planning your roof replacement is to collect all the paperwork on your home’s current roof. Make sure you have any warranty information documented and figure out how many more years you can expect the roof to be in good condition.

Set up a Savings Account

Any bill left to the last minute becomes a greater burden. Open a home-improvement savings account and commit to putting away money regularly toward a roof replacement or any other necessary home repairs. To reach the average cost of $12,000, here is how much cash you will need to squirrel away each month:

  • 10 year plan: $100
  • 8 year plan: $125
  • 5 year plan: $200
  • 4 year plan: $250
  • 2 year plan: $500

Even if you have 10 more years to go, it’s never too soon to begin setting funds aside. As you can see, the longer you wait to work a roof replacement into your budget, the more it will hurt your wallet. If you can’t afford to reserve money each month for a home-improvement account, consider saving a percentage of your annual tax refund instead.

Interview a Local Reliable Roofer

Before you encounter any roofing problems, build a relationship with a trusted, local roofing company. Get a quote based on a full tear-off. If possible, get multiple quotes and compare the offers. Ask yourself these questions when reviewing roofing contractors:

  • Do they offer a warranty?
  • Do they have insurance and a license?
  • How long will the job take?
  • Can the company provide references?

After you look over the estimates and choose your future roofing contractor, you will have an educated idea of your specific roof’s replacement costs.

Schedule Regular Inspections

Once you have located an exceptional company, employ their contractors to complete regular inspections at your property at least once every year. They will look for curling shingles, gaps in flashing and signs of water damage. When minor problems go unnoticed, more serious issues result. You will be able to solve small concerns and prolong your roof’s life through annual checkups.

Planning your roof replacement is vital to protecting your home and your finances from unexpected damages or costs.