Preparing for a Commercial Roofing Project

Commercial Roofing

Planning your commercial roofing project is detail-intensive. You need to have the most experienced local contractor on your side, ready to answer all questions and provide efficient service so your business experiences the least disruption.

From step one of preparation — choosing whether to refinish or replace your roof — to the final stage — completing the project — this guide can help you understand these phases and all the ones in between.

Should You Recover or Replace?

If you are looking for the most cost-effective method of extending the life of your roof, consider simply recovering it. It is not as disruptive to your building, and you still get an extended warranty.

On the other hand, if 25 percent or more of your roof is damaged, it is wiser to put your funds toward a replacement. Either way, trust a reputable commercial roofer to guide you in the right direction.

Find the Correct Materials and System for Your Building

Whether you decide to recover your roof or replace it, you must research the available materials and membrane systems to make sure your choice fits your area’s climate and precipitation levels, and your building’s construction. Again, this stage is key to your investment’s longevity, so you should consult a professional throughout the process.

Gather All Documentation and Permits

For all commercial roofing projects, you will need to provide documentation detailing the history of your roof and make sure the work to be completed is permitted by local building code. Working with experienced roofers will ensure you don’t have to handle this step on your own — they can pull the necessary permits and help with all paperwork.

Trust a Reliable Contractor Focused on Safety

Deciding which roofing contractor to trust for any commercial roofing project can be a challenging decision, but it comes down to one important factor: safety. Knowing which roofing company will make your property’s safety a priority helps you separate the professionals from the amateurs.

You’ll know you’re doing business with the right company when they present proof of insurance, giving you the peace of mind that any accidents involving workers or any damage to your property will be completely covered under their policy.

Also, the right contractor will present not only a detailed price quote, but a start date, projected timeline and a plan for how they will effectively clean up the area to limit injury to you and your customers.

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