Preparing Your Roof for Fall and Upcoming Cold Weather

As the weather begins to cool down, home and business owners everywhere are starting to prepare their structures for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. This involves several important areas to keep occupants protected during the cold, including the first line of defense here: The roof.

At Knockout Roofing, our commercial and residential roof repair services include a variety of areas tailored toward preparing your roof and surrounding elements for changing seasons, including the transition into fall and winter. Let’s look at a few vital pieces of upkeep you should be performing, with the help of our trusted roofing technicians wherever you need it.

preparing roof fall cold

Cleaning and Trimming

One of the key elements associated with the change to fall involves trees, which begin to see color changes for their leaves and, eventually, leaves falling off. And while the majority of these leaves fall into the yard, properties with tall enough trees may see significant leaf buildup on the roof and in the gutters. A simple afternoon spent removing all these potential blockages from the roof area goes a long way toward ensuring the drainage system and your roof as a whole is prepared for the winter.

In addition, any trees that have grown to the point where their branches overhang the roof or are even close to it could pose a major physical risk. Fall and winter can bring high winds, ice and snow, and these will move and weigh down branches to the point where they can fall or otherwise impact the roof, causing significant damage in some cases. Whether on your own or with the assistance of an arborist, we strongly recommend trimming back and such branches before winter gets here.

Roof Inspection

Just because you don’t see a direct issue with your roof doesn’t mean there isn’t one, and this is where professional roof inspection comes into play. Our experienced roofing technicians can spot the signs of issues that might be invisible to the untrained eye, all while keeping you from risking your safety through a detailed inspection.

On top of this, our inspections are purely exploratory – we don’t schedule you for any roof repair or replacement unless such services become necessary after the inspection. In most cases, we’re able to simply patch up a few very minor issues, such as shingle warping or missing areas, and leave you with a fully functional roof at an easily affordable cost.

Important Repairs

In cases where our team does discover some minor repair needs, we highly recommend allowing us to attend to these right away. If you wait too long on roof repairs, cool weather will arrive and may limit your ability to perform them until spring – during which time they may become significantly worse and more expensive while also negatively impacting your home’s energy usage. Letting us handle the problem right away will save you time, money and hassle.

For more on fall roof maintenance areas to be aware of, or to learn about any of our roofer services, speak to the staff at Knockout Roofing today.