How Can You Prevent Roof Fires?

Roof Fire Prevention

Are roof fires a real threat to your home? You may focus on preventing leaks and mold, but a fire can be even more costly and most definitely deadly. What steps can you take to make sure your home’s roof is fire-proof?

Is Your Home at Risk?

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there were over 10,000 fires that originated in the attics of residential homes between 2006 and 2008. As a result, 30 people died, 125 were injured and the fires caused property damage amounting to $477 million.

Even though attic fires only make up about two percent of all residential fires, they can cause major destruction quickly.

Typically, since attics are usually unfinished, they do not contain smoke sensors. Usually residents will not notice the fire until smoke builds up enough to seep into the lower levels of the home, or when it begins to rise from the roof, making it visible from the outside.

Roof fires that begin in an attic are dangerous due to the amount of fuel nearby ready to feed the flames. Wood support beams, holiday decorations, and any other dry, flammable items stored in your attic can allow the fire to grow in size and strength at an alarming rate. This makes roof fires that start in an attic more difficult to extinguish, resulting in more damage to the home.

Unless you’re conscious of the following maintenance guidelines and follow them as you should, your home could be at risk.

Check Your Electrical System

Electrical malfunctions are the leading cause of attic fires, so it’s recommended that you have an electrician examine the wiring in your attic, especially if your home is decades or possibly centuries old. You need to ensure the wiring is up to code and safe, otherwise your home and your family’s safety is compromised.

Sweep Your Chimney

Think about all the dust and debris that is built up inside your chimney. It’s important to hire a professional to clean out your chimney at least once a year, especially if you use your fireplace often. Removing organic material from your chimney will help minimize the chance of any brush igniting and setting off sparks that could lead to roof fires.

Invest in Fire-Resistant Roofing

If you’re getting ready to plan a roof replacement project, consider investing in a roof composed of fire-resistant materials. Modern materials are designed to lower the chances of property loss due to fire. Even though you can’t prevent every disaster, this is a safeguard you can control.

You can trust that Knockout Roofing has your safety in mind. You can get a free quote for fire-resistant metal or shingled roofs by giving the team a quick phone call and setting up a consultation. Learning how to keep roof fires from sabotaging your safety will help you sleep better at night – contact us today.