Primer on Common Roofing Warranty Types

As past purchasers of several high-cost items well know, warranties are a common add-on to many such products. Things like vacuums, air conditioners, furnaces and many other home items may come with warranties, or a form of temporary insurance that protects owners from breakdowns or other possible concerns.

At Knockout Roofing, we’re happy to explain the warranties available for any of our roofing products, whether you’re considering residential or commercial re-roofing installation. There are several different types of warranties that may apply across the roofing industry – here are some basics on each of the most common formats and what you need to know about them.

common roofing warranty types

Installation or Labor Warranties

One of the simplest forms of roofing warranties is the installation warranty, which only covers defects present in the roof due to improper installation. These sorts of warranties are generally offered by roofing contractors themselves.

Down similar lines is the labor-only warranty, which covers the labor costs of the installation – but not the materials used. If you’re being offered a labor-only policy, be sure you’re 100 percent clear on exactly what it covers and how you’re protected.

Material-Only Warranties

In other cases, you may be offered what’s known as a material-only warranty. This is a guarantee that the roof will avoid certain defects even after it’s installed – again, however, proper installation is usually a must to keep these warranties active and valid. In addition, if it can be proved that improper or absent maintenance on your end led to the roofing damage, a materials-only warranty generally will not hold up.

System Warranties

For a warranty that covers both labor costs and materials alike, you need a system warranty type. These are offered by roofing manufacturers, and protect you from both installation issues and future damage that takes place to materials. Like with material-only warranties, however – and honestly, similar to virtually any warranty you can obtain – they will be voided if the damage comes from a lack of maintenance on your end.

Manufacturer Warranty

Finally, there’s the manufacturer’s warranty, one that may cover materials, labor and the system all together. These warranties are the longest-lasting of the group generally, often running between 10 and 30 years or even for the full life of the roof.

The purpose of the manufacturer warranty is to guard against roof damages to any part of the roof that was created by the manufacturer themselves. Like with the system warranty, it’s vital to ensure you’re fully aware of precisely what this warranty covers, as not all manufacturer warranties are the same and you could quickly get into trouble if you’re unsure about the details.

For more on roofing warranties and which you should consider, or to learn about any of our roofing repair or contractor services, speak to the staff at Knockout Roofing today.