Why Proper Attic Ventilation is Essential to Your Roofing System

Attic ventilation, the system of intake and exhaust that keeps air circulating through the space, is a key component of any roofing system. A well-ventilated attic can minimize the potential for damage and make your home more comfortable.

Attic Ventilation

If you want your attic to be cool in the summer and dry in the winter, proper venting is essential.

Attic Ventilation Prevents Condensation on Roofing System Components

As you may remember from science class, hot air rises. During the winter, warm, moist air from the lower levels of your home drifts up to the attic. And if you’ve ever been up in the attic during a Utah winter, you know that these spaces get pretty darned cold.

When warm air hits cold surfaces, condensation happens. If you don’t have adequate attic ventilation, that warm air will condense on your roof rafters and deck and begin to wreak havoc.

In fact, condensation can cause several problems in the attic. The roof’s wood decking can swell and rot, making the roof shingles buckle. The insulation can also become saturated, reducing its effectiveness significantly. Without a ventilation system to provide airflow, mold and mildew can develop, which can worsen the damage and cause health issues for your family.

Attic Ventilation Prevents Damaging Ice Dams on Your Rooftop

Our cold northern Utah winters can also cause ice dams to form. Ice buildup is much more likely to occur on your roof if you have poor ventilation in the attic.

Ice dams develop when the heat of your attic space intersects with warmth from the sun to melt the snow on your rooftop. Then, when the temperature drops, the melting snow freezes again in the gutters. This results in water pooling under the roof shingles, which leads to damage to the roofing system as well as the interior and structure of your home.

Effective attic ventilation keeps the air moving throughout the space, so that ice dams don’t form.

Attic Ventilation Keeps Your Home Cooler in the Summer

An attic without the right ventilation can feel like an oven during summer’s brutal heat. On a 90-degree day, the space can reach 125 degrees or more.

Heat buildup makes the attic uncomfortable in the summer, but it can also contribute to a number of roof problems, including damage to the decking and shingles. Plus, all that hot air means your air conditioner and fans will need to work extra hard to cool your house — especially if you have a second story. And as a result, your energy bills skyrocket.

Does your attic have adequate air movement? The experienced team at Knockout Roofing can evaluate your roofing system for issues that can cause damage, and make professional recommendations that will increase your comfort and save money on power bills.

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