Questions to Ask About Your Gutters

Throughout the year, but particularly in the cold Utah winter, your home or building’s gutters are absolutely vital. By providing pathways to divert water and melted snow or ice away from the structure, gutters help with everything from foundation and siding protection to mold and mildew prevention.

At Knockout Roofing, we’re here to help with all your rain gutter needs and questions as part of our overall roofer services. Here are a few questions we recommend asking yourself about your gutters at least once or twice a year – and heading into the winter period is as good a time as any.

questions about your gutters

Are They Working?

This is really the only question that matters – are your gutters performing their designated tasks? Gutters that are working properly will be easy to spot when water is flowing: They’ll efficiently move moisture through a clean gutter system to the downspout and then out and away from the home.

They won’t contain blockages, leaks or major warping that’s stopping the flow of water. They won’t be overflowing or leaking from any corners or connecting sections, either.

Do They Need Cleaning or Replacement?

If you’ve determined that there’s some issue with your gutters, namely one of those we listed above, your next step is determining the proper response. In many cases gutters just need to be given a proper cleanout, while in others they may have more significant issues that require new gutters altogether. Some basics on each:

  • Cleaning: In most situations where your gutters are just dirty or clogged with debris, they just need a good cleaning. You can usually notice this kind of thing even without getting up on the roof – runoff will be slow and intermittent in the affected areas, and you might see pooling water. If you’re worried about safely cleaning your gutters, ask our pros about how they can help.
  • Replacement: On the other hand, issues like leaks or water overshooting gutters are often signs that replacements are needed. These are usually caused by actual structural damage, whether it’s shrinking and expanding during winter or cracks that take place over time. Overshooting water can also mean that gutters have fallen out of alignment with your roof.

What Type Should I Get?

If you’ve decided that you need new gutters, you’ll have several different options available. Gutters come in K-style, half-round, box style and even a few others, and each of these has specific qualities that might make them right for your roof and drainage needs. Also consider size – large residential gutters tend to run about 3” x 4”.

Can Professionals Help?

Yes! The expertise of trained professionals is vital for protecting your home in several areas, and rain gutters are one of them. Call our Knockout Roofing specialists today so we can help you with all your roof gutter needs, or with any area of roofing repair or shingles.