A Quick Guide to Selecting Rain Gutters

Rain Gutters

Rain gutters and gutter guards are functional elements of your home you probably take for granted. But that stops now. Rain gutters serve a key purpose; if you’re considering upgrading or replacing yours in the near future, here’s what you should know before you buy.

The Basics

Gutters are invaluable as they help control the flow of rainwater away from your house, preventing exterior damage and ground erosion. Gutters also can help prevent roof leaks by redirecting water quickly. Keep leaves and other debris out of your gutters to ensure they don’t become clogged and overflow.

You’ll want to check your gutters while it’s raining to ensure the water is flowing through them correctly. If it’s not, you may want to have the pros come to clean them out. You’ll also want to check to be sure your gutters aren’t pulling away from their mountings—if they are, you’ll want to have them repaired ASAP.

What are gutters made out of?

Vinyl: When it comes to durability, few materials can top vinyl. It can withstand heavy rain, wind and snow, and it won’t rust or rot. The color choices may be limited (hopefully you like white), but it can be painted.

Aluminum: Aluminum doesn’t rust and is available in a variety of colors. Although lightweight aluminum is prone to bending, heavier aluminum should last for about 25 years.

Steel: Steel can support the most weight, but it’s prone to rust and may require frequent maintenance. Stainless steel can typically last 25 years, while galvanized steel should hold up anywhere from eight to 15 years.

Copper: Copper doesn’t rust or need painting. And it has undeniable durability; it should last about 100 years in any climate. However, it likely will turn a matte brown color in a few months and eventually turn blue-green as it oxidizes.

Gutter Guards: To prevent your gutters from clogging, consider rain gutter leaf guards. If you’re tired of having to constantly clean out your gutters, The Leaf Slugger Gutter Protection System lies on top your gutters and acts as a buffer between your them and the outside world. The rain or snow can fall freely as the guards keep leaves and other debris out.

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