Red Flags That Signal a Need for Roof Replacement

When you call the pros at Knockout Roofing for issues with your roof or drainage system, our priority is finding you long-term, cost-effective solutions. When these include our ability to carefully and permanently repair certain areas of damage for a limited cost without impacting structural integrity, we’ll always default to this option.

In some cases, however, roofing damage is so significant that repairs aren’t the logical move. They may cost nearly as much as a replacement roof, plus you’ll have to keep coming back to them over and over again, spending money each time. In these cases, we’ll recommend efficient residential or commercial re-roofing options – here are some signs that your roof might be beyond repair and at a point where a replacement system makes more sense, both financially and practically.

red flags roof replacement

Granule Loss

If your roof utilizes shingles, which most systems do, chances are you’re using the popular asphalt materials that are most common today. These products come with a granulated coating, one that’s meant to help protect the roof and keep it lasting for years.

However, over time, some of this coating will be stripped off the shingles due to elements and other wear-and-tear. In many cases, you’ll begin to notice these granules, which look like small pebbles, caught in your gutters or other areas of your drainage system. If they’re allowed to build up far enough, these may even cause drainage issues – but those aren’t even the most significant concern. Rather, this kind of deterioration suggests that the roof is losing efficiency and could be in line for a replacement.

Shingle Concerns

Another area of shingles to consider is a bit more broadly obvious: Major shingle damage. There are some cases where single or even a handful of shingles become missing or damaged, perhaps warping up slightly after a storm or something similar. These are to be expected, and don’t always necessitate a full roofing repair.

In other situations, though, shingle damage will be significant and easily noticeable. You’ll notice curled, buckled or simply missing shingles throughout the roof, plus water damage or similar issues taking place just inside the roof. In these cases, repairs often just don’t make sense, and could even cost more than just installing a new system – particularly when you consider that these repairs will likely need to be done again in a short time if the damage is this significant.

End of Life Expectancy

Sometimes, there isn’t necessarily a single obvious sign that your roof needs replacement. Older roofs are simple more prone to leaks and other concerns, and may also lead to heat loss and rising energy or water bills. If you begin to notice areas like this cropping up, plus you know your roof has been in place for several years and could be reaching the end of its life, it could be time to consider replacement.