Should You Replace Your Roof Before Installing Solar Panels?

Roof Replacement for Solar Panels

Deciding whether to spend the extra money to replace your roof before installing solar panels is a tough choice. Since you’re already spending a considerable sum to buy or lease solar panels and have them installed, you may be hesitant to replace your roof before its useful life has run out.

Should you re-roof your home or wait it out?

Think About the Long-Term Cost

If you decide to wait to replace your roof, you may save money right now, but wise investment decisions are based on long-term benefits, not short-term savings. When you’re installing solar panels, you don’t want to have to pay to take them off and reinstall them a short time later. Regardless of whether you get solar panels, you will have to replace the roof at some point.

Also, think about the potential wear on the roof. While solar panels don’t weigh a lot and they aren’t designed to cause too much wear and tear, any added weight to an already rotting or sagging roof could be detrimental to both your solar panels and existing roof.

Key Signs You Should Replace Your Roof

A few key signs will help you decide if a replacement is your best option:

  • Leaks in the attic: The presence of water inside your attic is a sure indication that the roof is not up to the task of protecting your home any longer. Whether the water is coming in underneath the flashing or through cracks in the underlayment, sometimes extensive leaks signal that it’s time to replace the materials with newer, more effective versions.
  • Blistered or missing shingles: If your home’s shingle coverage is lacking, the underlayment and roof decking is not adequately protected from precipitation. It’s time to upgrade to new shingles that come with a lengthy warranty.
  • General age: if your roof is over 20 years old, it’s high time to consider replacing it. The materials will begin to degrade. Shingle granules may begin to show up in the gutters. Flashing may start to buckle and warp.

If your roof shows any of these signs, it wouldn’t be smart to place solar panels on it without replacing it first.

Don’t Make the Decision Alone

While an article on the topic may be helpful, nothing is quite as effective as a personalized opinion from a roofing contractor who has looked at your roof personally. Set up an inspection with a dependable roofing contractor and let them climb on the roof for a visual examination. They will also go into your attic and see how the materials are standing up.

You’ll get a free quote and you’ll know exactly how much it will cost to get your home ready for solar panel installation.

Contact Knockout Roofing today and you’ll get friendly service and advice on when to replace your roof if you’re planning on installing solar panels.