Replacing Your Roof Before Selling Your House

Roof Replacement

Most home sellers want their listing to go quickly and for a fair price. Homes that sit too long on the real estate market spell disaster for the sellers’ future plans. You want an interested buyer to make an offer fast, but how do you make this happen? Could replacing your roof be the answer?

How Important is Your Roof’s Condition When Selling Your Home?

What’s the first thing potential buyers notice when looking at your home? OK, it’s probably not the roof. They might be wowed by the high-quality finishes in your kitchen or blown away by the luxurious master suite. But when it comes down to signing their names to an offer, they will want to know how much work they’re going to have to do to your house — their potential new home — if they buy. A decrepit, failing roof can be a deal-breaker. Buyers are already using up most of their savings for a down payment on the house. They don’t have spare cash on hand to replace the roof.

Do You Have the Money to Replace Your Roof?

Listing your home puts you in a moving state of mind. You’re not excited about spending your hard-earned money on your soon-to-be old house. You want to save your cash for furnishings and decorations in your new abode. However, if you don’t upgrade your current home, you might never get that new house of your dreams. Whether you have to borrow money or dip into savings, replacing your roof might be worth it. In 2013, Remodeling Magazine reported that homeowners can expect to recoup 56.7 percent of the cost of their roof replacement. Higher rates of return exist for quality roof replacements such as GAF and metal. Beyond looking at just the cost, buyers making a decision between your house and another one just like yours will most likely choose the home with the new roof.

Can I Sell My Home As-Is?

It’s possible to completely disregard replacing your roof and try to sell your home as-is. But the condition of your roof could drastically affect the value of your home and its sale price. If buyers make an offer and serious problems are revealed at the time of the home inspection, they might be unable to obtain a mortgage loan approval. You could take the risk, but you might lose a considerable amount of time and money and still have to do work on the roof in the end.

To get a detailed estimate on the cost of replacing your roof, call Knockout Roofing today. We can help you get your roof in tip-top shape before buyers come knocking.