What You Need to Know About Re-roofing Your Home

With spring quickly approaching, many homeowners are beginning to think about making home improvements, landscaping changes, and undertaking full renovations. One of the most popular warm weather projects is tackling any lingering roof issues. Sometimes these involve simple repairs, but in many cases homeowners are facing old roofs that need to be completely redone. If you’re contemplating re-roofing your home this spring, here’s a closer look at what you can expect and what you can do now to simplify the process.

Partner with the right roofing professionals

If one factor determines the quality of your experience reroofing your home, it’s the contractor that you select. Before moving forward, find a professional roofer like Knockout knockout roofingRoofing to consult with. Review their online presence, customer reviews, and marketing materials. Meet them face-to-face, to get a sense of both their working style and their expertise.

If possible, choose a roofer with an industry recognized certification such as the GAF Master Elite Roofing certification. Less than 3% of the roofing industry qualifies for this designation, and you’ll ensure you’re working with the best of the best. Finally, always discuss licensure, permits, and insurance so you can rest assured that your project and home is fully protected.

Read your job quotes correctly

When a roofing contractor comes out to evaluate your home, they should thoroughly inspect your property. Typically this includes getting up on your roof. They will also inspect the area around your home to see for signs of drainage or other problems that could indicate roof or gutter issues. A thorough discussion will help them understand your most pressing concerns, including budget, timeframe, and any architectural or design goals to keep in mind.

A professional will provide a job quote in a timely fashion and crafted in a way that’s easy to understand. The quote should provide job start and finish dates; all details about materials and labor that will be provided and additional information about warranty information. If you have questions about the information provided or feel critical data was left off the quote, follow up by phone and get additional clarification on these points in writing. The sooner you have a full quote, the sooner you can get on the contractor’s project schedule.

Prepare for the process

Each roofing job is unique, depending on the construction of your home, the existing state of your roof, and what materials you’ve selected to use during the reroofing. In some cases, underlying structural damage may need to be repaired after the existing roofing is stripped away. Additional sealant and ventilation may also be required if you’ve had problems with a hot roof or ice dams.

On average, you can expect a small and straightforward roofing project to be complete within a few days once the work is started. Large or complicated projects, or those with extensive rot under the shingles, may take a week or more on a residential home. Your roofing team should be entirely focused on completing your job for the duration of the project, with the exception of any weather delays. Your professional roofer will communicate with you throughout the process if any weather patterns necessitate a job delay, and reassure you as to what steps are being taken to protect the inside of your house during inclement weather.

Contracts are critical

A professional roofing company will not undertake a project without a contract. Contracts lay out all the details of the project, including the scope of work, cost of materials, cost of labor, any miscellaneous charges, timeframe, and warranties. Professional contracts will also address the issue of any hidden rot, and include “not to exceed clauses.” Having a contract in place protects both the consumer and the company. Don’t do business with a roofer on a handshake. Your home is too significant an investment to leave anything to chance.

Investing in a new roof for your home can improve your living conditions and increase the value of your property. But it’s a major undertaking, so knowing what to expect and finding the right partner will position you for a successful project. If you’re ready to reroof your home this year, contact Knockout Roofing to discuss your project and get a personalized job quote today.