Rain Gutter Leaf Guard

One of the nicest things about living in Utah is that we experience all four seasons. With rain gutter leaf guardautumn come fall leaves that brighten the mountains and our yards before they drop.  Unfortunately, leaves are apt to get caught up in roof gutters, hampering the ability of the rain gutters to effectively drain water and ultimately melting snow from roofs. When gutters get plugged up, water can pool up on roofs and eventually work its way through seams causing water leaks.

Roofing leaks can range from mild to severe, even to the point where they damage the structure of the entire roof and the walls – both inside and out.  The best solution to avoiding clogged gutters is to have rain gutter leaf guard installed which prevent leaves and other debris from getting into your gutters.  The Leaf Slugger Gutter Protection System is one of the most effective solutions to eliminating clogs, ice dams, and roof leaks that result from ineffective gutter functioning.

Mounted onto the roof and your existing gutters, Leaf Slugger Gutter Guards come in 12 colors including various shades of white, fray, brown, black, and even forest green and scotch red. Competitive in price and durably built (with the thickest aluminum in the gutter protection field), the rain gutter leaf guard are integrated with your roof to make a seamless system that even comes with a clog-free guarantee. Leaf Slugger Protection Systems are patented and manufactured in the U.S.  Available in various sizes to fit any gutter, the Leaf Slugger will provide you years of worry-free protection from water damage, wood rot, mold, mildew and building structural damage.