Residential Metal Roof

One of the lowest maintenance roofing materials around is residential metal roofs. metal roof salt lake cityEspecially in areas of moderate to high snowfall such as homes located in the foothills or in one of Utah’s spectacular canyons, metal roofs shed snow more effectively than other roof types, especially if they are sloped, resulting in fewer leaks, water dams, and heavy snow load.

Not only are metal roofs attractive and available in a variety of colors, they also save you money over time due to their reflective properties which improves you home’s overall energy efficiency.  If your concerns for the environment go beyond reducing energy costs, a metal roof contains a significantly higher composition of recycled material compared with traditional roofing materials.

In fact, the combination of metal and solar is becoming increasingly popular due to the ease of application of solar panels. Because of the attachment ease, you can save more money by a lower installation costs which helps you realize a return on your solar investment much sooner.

While they protect against all types of weather and even fire, they are also long lasting and in most cases will be the only roof you need to install in your lifetime. Take a look at our federal and local rebates and tax credits page for any applicable programs that might make solar even more affordable.

Residential metal roofs – with or without solar panels – add to the value of your home. According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, you recoup an average of 86.7 percent of metal roof investment upon resale. At the same time, improved energy efficiency makes a metal roof a no-brainer for many households who need to replace their roof anyway.

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