Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Stone coated steel roofing combine the durable qualities of steel with the architecturally attractive features of a stone roof.  Durability is the word of the day when you are considering stone coated steel roofing.  Knockout Roofing installs SteelROCK roof products, made to withstand the challenges of all types of climates.  An additional bonus is that these roofing materials are fire resistant. Oh, and did we mention they are virtually maintenance free?

stone coated steel roofingSteelRock offers a lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing defects of the steel and surface and the warranty transfers if you sell your home for 50 years from the date of installation. Both the roof itself and the warranty will attract potential buyers, not to mention help you feel good about your investment.

With three products to select from, SteelRock roofing meets any housing style by simulating the look of wood shake, tile, and barrel tiles. Despite being made of steel, each of our stone coated steel roofing products is extremely light, avoiding an additional weight burden to the foundation and walls of your home.

The Pacific Tile® adds a Mediterranean feel to your home and is available in four colors. This tile is made to go with almost any home style. For a wood shake roof look, the Pacific Shake HD® comes in four wood-looking colors.  This classic looking roof holds up under extreme conditions unlike natural wood.

For the beauty of barrel tile roofing, the Pacific Ville-Tile® is absolutely stunning. Designed to last a lifetime, this lightweight roofing solution is surprisingly strong, in addition to being beautiful. Unlike traditional tile, SteekROCK products don’t break or crack.

Knockout Roofing is trained to install these amazing roofing systems by the manufacturer.