Roof Tear Off

When installing your new roof, we highly recommend a complete roof tear off of all layers of existing roofing down to the roofs wood deck.

A Roof Tear-Off May Stave Off Future Problems

Tear-Off Roof ReplacementGetting to the roofing substructure will allow for a thorough inspection of the structure and condition of your roof deck. By the time a reroof is necessary, water and moisture damage has likely accumulated over the years repair, leaving your roof vulnerable to future leaks even with a new roof. Repairing any existing damage proactively will promote the functionality of your new roof and prevent damage from high winds, severe moisture and heavy snow loads in the future.

In fact, adding a layer of roofing over an existing one has become so frowned upon that many towns and locales prohibit such practices. Many new roofing system warranties will also not allow installation of a new roof over an existing one since they are not willing to be held accountable for either the product not the installation of the fist layer (and second and third, in some cases).

Make a New Roof Stronger

Direct placement of a new roof onto a sound roof deck rather than another layer of roofing will actually extend the life of most roofs, since it decreases the weight the roofing structure has to bear.

Another factor to consider is home value. In most cases, a new roof will have a positive impact on the value of your home whereas an old roof will definitely be a hindrance.  If you are considering selling your home, a potential buyer may be turned off by the home inspection, which will surely catch multiple roofing layers.

With all the reasons tipping the balance in favor of doing a roof tear off including improved durability, reductions in future leaks, improving curb appeal, improving energy efficiency, and more, start off with a clean slate for your new roof. You’ll sleep better knowing your new roof was done right and your warranty will protect you for years to come.