Risks Posed by Attempting Unqualified DIY Roofing Repairs

At Knockout Roofing, we’re your first call when you’re in need of commercial or residential roof repair from trusted, experienced roofers. We’ve been in business for years, servicing every type of roof and every potential issue, from basic leaking roof repairs to large-scale re-roofing projects and everything in between.

And believe us, we understand the desire for some homeowners to get up on the roof and make certain repairs themselves. The handiest among us see issues like these and want to fix them with our own hands, a noble and generally positive desire. At the same time, those without actual roofing expertise could be putting both themselves and their homes at risk if they attempt repairs or other roofing projects they are not qualified for – here are a few of the biggest risks you expose yourself to and why a professional roofing contractor is the way to go.

risks unqualified DIY roofing repairs


The single biggest hazard risk you’re exposing yourself to here is that of injuring yourself in a number of potential ways. You may not think your roof is that high up or presents many dangers, but you’re simply incorrect here, even if your home has a lower roof than most.

Some assume the only hazard here is falling off the side of the roof, but this is just one of several. We’ve also seen numerous incidents of homeowners falling through a weak point in their roof, an extremely dangerous circumstance you never want to risk. Others misuse tools or roofing materials, while still others risk slipping or falling on a steep roof pitch.

Leaks and Similar Concerns

While your personal safety is the primary risk you’re taking by attempting roofing repairs or installations you aren’t qualified for, you also risk the quality of the roof itself. The biggest potential culprit here is the possibility of leaks, which is greatly increased when the person installing or repairing the roof doesn’t have the required expertise.

Does replacing shingles look simple from afar? Sure, but have you considered installing underlayment, purchasing and installing flashing, and doing so all in a way that doesn’t create even the smallest gap or imperfection in the surface? Roof leaks can start with a very small area and quickly become larger concerns.

Increased Costs

And what’s the primary outcome of many such installation or repair imperfections? That’s right, increased costs. While many homeowners go the DIY route to save money, they actually end up spending far more in the long run due to additional repairs and materials required to correct their mistakes. Instead of wasting both your time and money, contact experienced roofing contractors to handle the job while you keep your focus elsewhere.

For more on the risks of attempting DIY roofing repairs you aren’t qualified for, or to learn about any of our roofing services, speak to the staff at Knockout Roofing today.