Roof Gutter Downspouts: How Many Does Your Home Need?

Your roof gutter downspouts must be carefully positioned to allow rainwater and melting snow to drain safely to the ground. Without proper downspout placement, your gutters could overflow and you could end up with serious roofing or foundation issues.

Roof Gutter Downspouts How Many Does Your Home Need

So how many gutter downspouts does your home need?

How Large Is Your Roof?

The size of your roof matters when it comes to gutter downspouts.

The larger the surface, the more water runs down to your gutters every time rain falls or snow melts. And when more water hits the gutters, more downspouts are needed to help it drain away.

What’s Your Roof Slope?

Your roof slope must also be factored into the decision on gutter downspout placement.

With a steep rooftop pitch, rainwater and melting snow flow much more quickly down the surface and into the gutters. A gutter system without an adequate number of downspouts won’t be able to deal with a great amount of water in a short period of time.

What Size Are Your Gutters?

Not all gutters are the same size — they come in many different widths.

Narrow gutters can’t channel much water, so extra downspouts are often necessary for proper rooftop drainage. Gutter systems with wider gutters can hold more water and may not require as many downspouts.

Do You Live in a Rainy or Snowy Area?

According to the Western Regional Climate Center, some parts of northern Utah — mainly the regions along and over the mountains — see more precipitation each year than the rest of the state. Heavy amounts of rain and snow put extra pressure on gutters. So if you live in an area with lots of wet weather, your home may need more gutter downspouts.

How Can You Be Sure You Have Enough Roof Gutter Downspouts?

As a rule of thumb, most gutters need a downspout every 30 to 40 feet for effective water drainage. But since every home is different, using this blanket formula may not be the wisest choice.

The only way to be certain that your gutter system is designed and installed correctly is to consult with a local professional roof contractor. The Knockout Roofing team, serving the greater northern Utah area for over 15 years, can evaluate your rooftop conditions and make sure that your home has the right number of properly placed roof gutter downspouts. To schedule a free consultation, contact our Salt Lake City office today.