Get a Roof Inspection before Buying a House

Purchasing a home with a dilapidated roof can result in an immediate drain on your finances, or lead to more expensive damage like water leaks or mold if the need for a replacement goes unnoticed for a long period of time. Protect yourself and your future earnings by obtaining a certification from a roofing contractor you trust before sinking your life’s savings into a property.

Roofing Inspection

Can You Trust the Home Inspection Results?

Many potential homeowners believe a home inspector will alert them to any roof damage, making a separate assessment unnecessary apart from the mandated home inspection. This is not true. Home inspectors will most likely not climb on top of the roof to inspect it closely. They will only walk the perimeter of the home, viewing the shingle wear from the ground. While they may look for interior water damage which may be caused by an aging roof, the initial indications a roof needs repair or replacement are found on the exterior.

How is a Roof Inspection Different?

A roof inspection involves an intensive examination of the flashing, the ventilation, the materials and the drainage system. The inspector will also enter the attic and thoroughly examine the roof’s interior. The inspector will watch out for the following symptoms:

Missing, cracked, buckling or warped shingles
Excessive shingle granulation in drainage system
Insufficient ventilation, leading to a moisture buildup in the eaves
Pooling water in gutters or around the home’s foundation
Leaks underneath flashing surrounding skylights, chimneys and vents

Even one small breakdown in the many interconnected parts of a roof can leave a new homeowner with high surprise repair costs.

Repair and Maintenance History

A roof inspection conducted on behalf of the prospective homeowner will also include research on the existing roof’s repair and maintenance history. The inspector will find out when the current homeowner last replaced it and whether the existing warranty is still valid and transferable to the new buyer. The inspector will verify that routine maintenance and emergency repairs were conducted in accordance with the terms of both the workmanship and materials warranty, ensuring coverage for the potential buyer.

Does the Home Need Roof Replacement?

If the roofing contractor finds the property’s roof is in need of replacement, he or she will quote an average price so the potential new owners have an accurate idea of the costs they will incur in the near future if they go forward with purchasing the property. The inspector will take into account the local market’s rate for materials and labor, along with the pitch, which also affects overall replacement costs. With this information in hand, the prospective homeowners can negotiate a new sale price for the property or decide to forego their option to buy.

No matter the outcome, scheduling a roof inspection before buying a house is beneficial to potential homebuyers who don’t want to see their savings go to waste. Contact the professionals at Knockout Roofing for reliable roof inspections based on experience and fact before buying a home.