Roof Maintenance During the Utah Winter

The winter is here, and that means you’ll be counting on your roof to protect you and your home or building’s occupants from the cold, wet elements of the season. Utah home and business owners need strong, durable roofing materials that can stand up not only to colder temperatures and moisture, but also the weight of snow when it builds up.

At Knockout Roofing, we can help with all your winter roofing repair and maintenance concerns, both for residential and commercial needs. At the first sign of trouble, we can come to your home or building and quickly assess and repair the damage so you aren’t at risk of major water damage or safety issues. We can also provide expertise on preparing for the heavy winter season – using the average homeowner as an example, here are several things you should consider for roof maintenance through the winter.

roof maintenance Utah winter

Debris Removal

If possible, you should have already begun this process during the fall, before any snow began to fall. Even if little bits of snow are around, however, it’s important to try to find a safe time to remove debris from your roof. Leaves, branches and other solid items may find their way onto the roof and into gutters, particularly if you have tall trees near your home.

If you’re worried about safely removing these items during slick weather, you have a couple options. Roof rakes might help in some situations, and if these aren’t doing the trick, you can always call our pros for a basic cleanout.

Trees and Branches

Not only should you remove any debris from trees from your roof early on in the winter (or late in fall), you should regularly be maintaining these trees throughout the winter. Dead branches or leaves may continue to fall throughout the season, and heavy snowfall may also cause branches to fall off and damage the roof itself. If you’re unable to safely trim and maintain these trees yourself, consider hiring a tree trimmer service.

Gutter Cleanliness

Gutters are an important part of the roof, as they help with basic drainage concerns when ice and snow melt down into water. You need to ensure gutters aren’t clogged or blocked in any way – this can lead to ice damming up in your gutters and stopping the roof from being able to drain properly. This can damage everything from the roof itself to home siding, walls and even the foundation.

Snow Removal

After a big snowfall, you should be looking to remove all snow within four feet of your drains or gutters. Use a roof rake here if possible, or consider a snow removal service. This will help with drainage and general upkeep.


Finally, regularly inspect your roof for signs of damage. During the slick winter, don’t risk your safety by climbing up there – you can walk around the home and look for visible sagging, plus inspect things from inside the attic if you have one. If you’re unsure about certain areas you can’t see, call our professionals about an inspection.

For more on how to keep your roof safe and efficient this winter, or to learn about any of our roofing contractors or repair services, speak to the staff at Knockout Roofing today.