With a New Roof, Should You Replace the Gutters?

Is it time for a new roof? If so, does that mean you must also budget for new rain gutters?

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Many homeowners assume it’s necessary to replace the gutters along with the roof. The good news is that this isn’t necessarily true, although some roofing contractors might have you believe otherwise. Sometimes, however, you will have to do both.

Signs You Should Replace Gutters

Without an effective rain gutter system, water draining off the roof will seep into the soil around (and under) your foundation. As a result, your basement could start leaking, eventually causing structural damage to your home.

So if your gutters are damaged or in disrepair, replacing them when you install your new roof is a wise choice.

Before scheduling your roof replacement, take a walk around your home and inspect the gutter system. Cracks and sagging are obvious signs that replacement is necessary, but also keep an eye out for water damage. You may see water damage to the fascia or the underside of the eaves. Also, look for any peeling paint or rust marks on your home’s exterior.

Pools of water near the foundation are also a strong indication that you may need new gutters.

Why New Gutters with a New Roof Make Sense

Some homeowners automatically opt for new gutters as a part of their roof replacement, even if their current system is in decent condition.

Why? Well, getting the job done at the same time as the roof installation may be easier to budget for, particularly if the funds are coming from a single source, like a home equity loan, contractor financing or tax refund. And replacing the gutters at the same time as the roof can save on labor costs.

Plus, having both aspects of the work done at one time means dealing with one contractor, one time.

Gutter Replacement Isn’t Necessary with Every New Roof

When your contractor performs an on-site inspection and estimate for the new roof, ask them to also look at your gutters. If the contractor identifies problems, ask for specifics. It’s possible that repairs will be sufficient to keep your gutters in good shape for a few more years.

If you opt to install new gutters, be sure to choose a high-quality replacement system. The last thing you want is to pay for new rain gutters that are inferior to what you already have. Finally, if you have had problems with clogged gutters, talk to your roofing contractor about installing gutter shields as a part of the work.

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