Roof Replacement Preparation Tips for Homeowners

Roof replacement is a major home improvement project that can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

roof replacement preparation tips for homeowners

A bit of preparation can go a long way toward making sure your re-roofing goes as smoothly as possible. We’ve put together some helpful homeowner tips to help you get your house ready for roof replacement.

Make Sure the Roof Is Easily Accessible

A home re-roofing project requires heavy equipment, ladders, tools and roofing materials. And all these items need to be close to or on top of your roof.

Before the roofers show up to begin work, make sure vehicles, trash cans and toys are out of the way. Clear the area so that the contractors can move the trucks in closer and have easier access to your rooftop.

Mark Off Fragile Landscape Features

Experienced professional roofers always try to avoid shrubs, trees, lawn decorations, sprinkler head and other landscape features. But damage can occur during a home roof replacement project.

To greatly reduce the chance of that happening during your re-roofing, grab some small flags at your local home improvement store and mark off any delicate landscape features.

Get the Inside of Your Home Ready

A roof replacement project doesn’t just affect the outside of your home — the work may create vibrations inside your house.

If you have any keepsakes, furniture or important items stored in the attic, you may want to move them or use a cover to shield them from dust and debris. Also, consider removing wall art and fragile decorative accessories until the re-roofing is completed.

Make a Plan for Kids and Pets

You’ll need to keep your kids and pets away from the worksite. Children should stay inside or play in an outdoor area far from the house. The same goes for pets — if Fido needs to go outside, keep him on a leash or in a fenced-off part of the lawn.

In addition, re-roofing can be noisy. If you have a nervous dog that barks at every sound, you might want to make arrangements for them to spend time elsewhere.

Re-roofing can protect your home and increase the value of your property — if the job is done properly. Hire the Knockout Roofing team, and you can count on high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service at an affordable price.

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