Roof Shingles and Granule Loss

Take a close look at asphalt roof shingles, and you’ll notice that they aren’t smooth like asphalt roads — they have a rough, mottled appearance. This is because mineral granules are adhered to the shingles’ surface during the manufacturing process.


Why Do Roof Shingles Have Granules?

Mineral granules are applied to shingles to protect the asphalt surface. Sun exposure can eventually lead to damage, hastening the need for shingle replacement.

Some granules are coated in ceramic or metal to help ward off rooftop algae growth.

As an added bonus, the granule layer gives the roofing a more attractive look.

What Causes Roof Shingles to Lose Granules?

Several factors can contribute to shingle granule loss.

Age is perhaps the most common cause. Like anything else, shingles don’t last forever. Older shingles tend to lose granules more easily.

Shingle quality can also play a part — poorly manufactured roofing materials tend to deteriorate more quickly.

Severe rain and hail can be rather rough on roofing materials too, sometimes knocking granules loose.

How Can You Tell if Your Roof Shingles Are Losing Granules?

Fortunately, you don’t have to climb up to the roof to see if your shingles are losing granules — just take a walk around your home.

Examine the area around your downspouts. When shingle granules come loose, they often run through the gutter system with the water. So you may notice piles of granules on the ground.

Another way to tell if you have granule loss is to look up at your roof. If you see any spots that look bare or discolored, you may have a problem.

What Should You Do if You Notice Granule Loss?

Without granules, roof shingles have a more difficult time protecting the other roofing materials. Over time, it’s easier for the sun and water to cause roof leaks and deterioration if the shingles are bare.

Unfortunately, you can’t add another granule layer to your shingles. If yours have lost their granules, they’ll need to be replaced. Depending upon your level of granule loss and roof damage, you may need to swap out a patch of shingles, or you could end up replacing all of them.

With professional installation of high-quality roofing materials, granule loss can be less of a problem. If your shingles are losing granules, contact a highly rated expert roofer for repairs.

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