Roof Storm Damage – Signs, Warranty Concerns and Shady Contractors

As we’ve discussed recently in this space, the professionals at Knockout Roofing are here to serve as your first call if your roof has undergone storm damage. We’ve gone over how to manage wind and hail damage, understanding your homeowner’s insurance policy and how this will impact things, and several other related areas.

There are a few other areas you’ll want to strong consider if roof damage does take place in your home or building due to a recent storm, and our pros are here to assist you with each and every one of them. In today’s blog, we’ll dig into some of the top signs that such damage has taken place, how your roof’s warranty might factor in, and give you some notes on staying away from “storm-chasers” and dishonest contractors.

roof storm damage warranty contractors

Signs to Look For

How do you know if a recent storm has damaged your roof? Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Shingles: Your shingles will often be the primary sign of storm damage. The simplest indicator here is missing shingles where there previously were some, but you should also look at granule buildup. Finally, look for basic dings and dents caused by hail.
  • Flashing: If flashing is missing along the edges of your roof or near skylights, vents and chimneys, this is another possible sign.
  • Water damage could be found in the attic or along upper floor ceilings.
  • You may also notice loose or peeling sealant in major roof areas.

Warranty Considerations

While we’ve already gone over insurance considerations here in this space, another area to consider is a warranty that might still be active on your roof. If your roof has been purchased or installed recently, check into the manufacturer warranty.

Now, there’s no guarantee your warranty will cover storm damage. Many such warranties only cover materials or manufacturing defects, not future damage caused by storms or other factors. But there are also some that will cover this kind of damage, potentially saving you big sums of money and insurance concerns.

Watch for Dishonest Contractors

Finally, one additional area to caution you on here: Watch out for dishonest contractors, sometimes called “storm chasers” in this field. These are contractors who wait for big storms in susceptible areas and then attempt to scam homeowners or building owners with false promises, shoddy services and occasionally even additional damage created.

To avoid this, always practice due diligence. Check into local and state licenses and qualifications, areas we’re happy to provide for you along with numerous previous client testimonials. Any roofing contractor who cannot provide these documents and references should not be trusted.

For more on handling storm damage to your roof, or to learn about any of our roofing repair services, speak to the staff at Knockout Roofing today.