Commercial Snow Removal


commercial snow removal servicesDuring the winter months, Knockout Roofing offers commercial snow removal services throughout Salt Lake County.  We specialize in snowplowing and salt application for business and industrial parking lots, schools and school district lots and sidewalks, apartment complexes and HOAs.  Many businesses contract with Knockout Roofing so they don’t have to think about snow removal for the entire season!

Don’t let the snow slow you down.

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With several plows, salters and side walk crews we can handle your commercial snow removal needs. Snow removal can be a serious task, if you’re a property manager or business owner you want to know that your lots are plowed and salted so for your patrons. We highly recommend having a professional handle your snow removal needs. Don’t spend hours fighting the snow call Knockout today and we can consult you on your lot and give you an estimate, in most cases that same day.

GPS Tracking for accurate billing cycles

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With Knockout Operations Tracking storms and dispatching crews to locations. We have GPS tracking on all of our equipment to double check and verify times on lots so you can be provided with accurate billing.