Commercial Taper Systems

Commercial taper systems are recommended for commercial roofing projects for two reasons: they are recognized for their thermal insulation qualities, and they provide the necessary structure to add some slope to flat roofs, helping to drain away rain and standing water.

From an insulation perspective, a variety of manufacturers, each expert at securing improvements in energy efficiency and interior climate control make roof taper systems. By adding insulation to a roof, it increases the R-value or thermal resistance, which means you are losing less heat in the winter through the roof.

The second function of a commercial taper system is to add slope to a flat roof. Depending on the size, construction, and age of your roof, flat roofs tend to gather pools of water during periods of rain or after a heavy snow. Standing water on a flat roof is never good, even if your roof is completely sealed.  If there is even one seam with a small gap, a tile tear, nail hole or other damage to your roof that water can come through, pooled water adds to the likelihood that it will eventually leak.

Even with membrane roofs, water adds to the weight load of the roof, which gets distributed throughout your structure adding unneeded strain on walls.  Pooled water can also attract unwanted pests like mosquitoes. Commercial taper systems will benefit your commercial investment by reducing energy costs and extending the life of your roofing system. And Knockout Roofing has just the roofing professionals to help you get the job done.