Membrane Roofing

Membrane roofing systems are the perfect solution of commercial buildings and residential properties with flat or slightly sloped roofs. Knockout Roofing features a number of manufacturer options, but they all serve the same general function of preventing leaks and helping to move water off the roof to reduce water ponding.

Membrane RoofingMembrane roofing has an advantage over other roofing types for flat roof, especially in Utah where we are prone to heavy snow loads at times. Membrane roofs are seamless or have been engineered to have extremely strong seams that are completely waterproof. Finally, membrane roofs are lighter than traditional roofing materials, most are UV reflective, and they resist expansion and contraction that most roofs experience, ultimately leading to roof leaks.

Each of the membrane roofing products below has unique advantages to consider from synthetic rubber EPDM Systems to the highly energy efficient thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), PVC and other materials. Don’t forget to take a look at our IB Roof Systems as well.


Offering singly-ply RBR EPDM membrane systems and TPO systems with several application processes and PVC roofing materials, WeatherBond is a recognized leader in durable and effective membrane roofing systems.  One of the many advantages of their roofing applications are their unparalleled warranty options for both commercial and residential applications. With both a material warranty and an extended warranty that includes labor couples with a quality product, WeatherBond might just be the roofing system for you.

Carlisle Syntec Systems

Carlisle Syntec is one of the original researchers and manufacturers of TPO roofing systems in the industry so they have a the longevity and technological know-how to stand behind their products.  In addition to TPO, they also offer EPDM, and PVC along with other roofing system products. Varieties of warrantees are available, designed to address the specific needs of a homeowner or commercial building.

Verisco  Roofing Systems

One of the largest manufacturers of EDPM, TPO, and PVC roofing systems is Verisco. Like other manufacturers, they also carry accessories such as skylights and coatings.  Roof Garden Systems are also growing in popularity, especially for commercial and high-rise residential buildings and Verisco has a variety of waterproofing options for all types of gardens to insure proper run-off while improving resident quality-of-life and building value. Versico is an ENERGY STAR® program, leading efforts in green construction including LEED building.

Johns Manville

A leading manufacturer in commercial, industrial, and residential roofing applications, Johns Manville specializes in low slope roofing systems. Their comprehensive roofing solutions include high quality EPDM sheets, TPO and PVC products using high-tech materials, a science based approach to solutions  and skilled engineering. This highly innovative technical center is located in Littleton, Colorado so they are very familiar with weather patterns in the rocky mountain west. Johns Manville features a variety of warranty and guarantee options.

If you have a flat or slightly sloped roof, call Knockout Roofing. We will spend the time  with you that you need to choose a membrane roofing system that meets your unique needs best.