Think Shingle Color Doesn’t Matter? Think Again.

Shingle Color

Picking out a color for your roof shingles might not seem like a topic you should spend a lot of time pondering. You’re more concerned about the total cost of your roof replacement and you don’t have time to worry about insignificant design choices … or do you?

Installing a new roof is no minor job, it’s a major investment in your home. If you neglect to spend enough time thinking about the pros and cons of a specific shingle color, you may have a severe case of buyer’s remorse once the final shingle is nailed down.

Here are multiple topics to consider before you place your final shingle order with your roofing contractor:

Think About Wear, Tear and Stains

Where is your home located? Is it situated in a grove of trees with lots of overhanging branches? When tree branches overhang your roof, it tends to get dirty. Bark, leaves and sap leave stains, and a light-colored shingle will showcase the dinginess for all to see.

It’s not realistic to think you can just climb on your roof and scrub it away. Instead, opt for darker-colored shingles that hide marks and stains, and your roof will retain its curb appeal.

Make a Smart Design Decision

The outside of your home showcases colors on two major areas: the siding and the roof. If these two colors clash, you might overhear your neighbors complaining about your eyesore of a home, and you may have a difficult time selling your property.

Choosing shingle color is not an opportunity to go bold. Make sure the color complements the existing siding by holding up a sample shingle to compare. Check how the colors look in different levels of light by comparing them in the shade and the sunshine.

In general, it’s wise to opt for a neutral shingle color if your home is already boasting an expressive shade on its lower exterior — you don’t want to alienate future buyers.

Energy Efficiency Is Important

In general, you can expect darker-colored shingles to absorb more heat, thereby increasing the temperature of your attic. This helps retain heat from the sun during long winters, and helps melt built-up ice and snow on your roof.

But, during a hot summer, dark-colored shingles can cause your air conditioner to work a bit harder to keep your home as cool as you’d like. Lighter colored shingles may be better in hotter climates.

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