Significant Events in Pop Culture That Happened on a Roof

You might take it for granted that certified expert roofers don’t have anything in common with the movers-and-shakers of popular culture. Most of the time, that’s certainly true. But every now and again, entertainment and world events occur that wouldn’t be possible

Beatles on the Rooftop

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without a study roof. Here are just a few from the last 50 years to keep inquiring minds occupied.

Final Performance of The Beatles
Arguably the most iconic live performance by arguably the most iconic rock ‘n roll band in history occurred atop a building. Specifically, The Beatles played on the roof of the headquarters of Apple – the record label, not to be confused with the computer company – in 1969. The legendary band thought a sky-high performance would make a smashing way to conclude the documentary of their last days together, “Let It Be.” Unfortunately, the concert was shut down by the police before they could record as much as they wanted. Fortunately, the fab four getting their plugs pulled by authorities probably made the doc’s ending much more poignant than it would’ve been otherwise.

Hulk Hogan’s Sumo Monster Truck Challenge
It’s a badly kept secret that professional wrestlers aren’t legitimately trying to hurt each other – after all, they have to perform nightly, so injuries are very disadvantageous. Normally, wrestling on a roof would be too dangerous. But just to make things more interesting, then-WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan took on adversary The Giant – later to be better known as The Big Show – in a rooftop monster truck battle at 1995’s Halloween Havoc. Hogan’s red and yellow truck managed to overpower The Giant’s “Dungeon of Doom”-themed vehicle, and during an ensuing scuffle between the two warriors, The Giant was shown to plunge off the top of the Cobo Center. Of course, The Giant later emerged unharmed from his stunt-demise.

Burglary of Willem DaFoe’s House
While hardly a pop culture-oriented event to celebrate, the 2011 looting of actor Willem DaFoe’s Rome estate was certainly memorable. According to the U.K. Metro, the buglers used sophisticated equipment and techniques to break into his penthouse through the roof, and Simple Safe notes that the ne’er-do-wells made off with jewelry and other processions worth a grand total of $4,200. It makes a person wonder – could the crime had been prevented if DaFoe had hired a qualified roofer to make his penthouse’s roof studier? Maybe not, but one never knows.