Situations Dictating Heightened Rain Gutter Attention

There are a number of components in a given home or building that relate directly to each other, and a great example on your structure’s exterior is your roof and your rain gutters. While these are technically different items, they are clearly related and perform tasks that impact one another in important ways, namely draining water to avoid pooling issues or water damage risks.

At Knockout Roofing, in addition to our roof repair and other high-quality roofing services, we also offer rain gutter services to all our clients in need. Here are several situations or time periods where you should pay particular attention to your gutters, including potentially calling our team about inspection or a new rain gutter installation.

situations heightened rain gutter attention

Gutter Age

Like any other material that’s exposed to frequent elements, rain gutters can wear down over time. This is particularly true for older gutter types, which were generally made from various gutter segments secured together at their seams, attached to the home with screws. These seams and screw openings, however, are prone to collecting water if they warp at all, which can take place over years of exposure to moisture.

For this reason, you should give older gutters a basic inspection at least once every couple months, if not more often. Failure to do so can lead to everything from mold growth to major structural concerns with the gutters.

Following Major Weather Events

If your home or building has recently been through a major weather event, such as a hailstorm, major wind concerns or even a tree or branches falling and potentially impacting the gutters, it’s important to take stock of not only the roof, but your gutters. Even if the roof is doing fine, areas of the gutters may have been displaced or otherwise damaged.

High Flow Rate

If you live in an area that’s prone to heavy storms, or especially if you have a steeper roof slope, it’s possible that water flow will occasionally be too high for your gutters to handle. This can lead to damage on surfaces below, such as decking, patios or even your home’s foundation. In this case, you may need to consider upgrading to higher-capacity gutters.

Spring and Fall Periods

Finally, there are two periods of the year where rain gutter clogs become particularly common: Early spring and early fall. During the former, seedpods, pollen tassels and other small items fall from trees and settle into gutters, often leading to clogs. In the winter, the same thing takes place with leaves. At least once or twice during each season, it’s vital to inspect and clean the gutters to ensure they don’t back up due to these blockages.

For more on caring for your rain gutters along with your roofing system, or to learn about any of the services our roofing contractors will be happy to perform for you, speak to the staff at Knockout Roofing today.