Why To Consider Solar Paneling

Solar Panel Installation

Solar paneling installed by a qualified roofer can benefit homeowners as diverse as proudly granola-crunching environmentalists to self-reliance advocates with “Don’t Tread on Me” bumper stickers on their pickup trucks. In the past, solar energy has been considered less practical and cost-efficient than traditional sources. But over the years, the problems inherent with the Earth’s oil and coal supplies have increased. Meanwhile, engineers and scientists have continued to improve the feasibility of solar. Thus, calling a roofer to ask about solar paneling has become an appealing prospect for many individuals. Here are a few of the top reasons why.

Tax Credits
Granted, when someone says, “Installing solar paneling will save you money,” that statement comes with a few caveats. Depending on what part of the nation a homeowner resides in, state tax credits may be available for those who solarize their home’s energy systems. For instance, the state of Utah may be able to supply a tax credit or 25 percent of installation costs, or a maximum of $2,000 to homeowners who add solar or other renewable energy sources. The credit could also apply to businesses, as well as residential buildings.

As elucidated by the online resource Exploring Green Technology, relying on solar energy means a home is powered by the sun, as opposed to a government-run or private energy utility company. Although in some states, their solar programs are fun through utility companies. Gas and oil obviously cost money and their prices ebb and flow alongside market trends. Once solar panels are installed, all a homeowner needs to worry about is whether or not the sun happens to be shining. That’s a huge advantage for those with a penchant for “living off the land,” or in this case, the sky.

Saying Goodbye to Fossil Fuels
While some may find fossil fuels a more convenient – or perhaps, just more familiar – source of energy, non-renewable resources like oil and coal come with a price. Both require companies to pump harmful greenhouse gases into the sky and maintain potentially toxic drilling and mining practices. That’s not even touching upon the global political implications of the Western World’s dependence of foreign oil. Homeowners with solar paneling can at least rest easy knowing they’re a part of the solution rather than the problem.

For more information – specifically how solar panels could impact energy usage at an individual abode – it’s worth getting in touch with local Knockout Roofing for an estimate.