How to Spot a Corrupt Roofer

There are scam artists lurking in virtually any profession, and home repair is no exception. Not everyone who claims to be an expert in roof repairs is as qualified as he or she may claim to be. But there are some signs of shady “roofers” that should be dead giveaways. corrupt definedHere are a handful of red flags to look out for we’ve compiled from the experts.

Remember, a roofer who does a shoddy repair or replacement job could cause you even more problems in the long run – you could end up having to pay a competent roofer to undo the damage created by a bad roofer.

Beware of Arm Twisters

EHS Today offers some advice that could apply to hiring anyone to take care of any home repair task. If you get the impression a roofer is trying to scare you into forking over a substantial down payment, there’s a pretty good chance they have ulterior motives. Roofers who talk up special discounts could be using the opposite psychological tactic, so watch out for those as well. Be aware though that a down payment is required from most contractors before they will order your new roof, if you are going that route.

Insist on a licensed roofer

This is another fairly obvious tip for hiring any professional, but it’s especially crucial for roofing. Not only could an unlicensed, uninsured roofer potentially do a crummy job, if they happen to fall due to their own incompetence, you could be held liable.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

MSN says that when hiring a roofer, your inquires should go beyond merely asking to see a roofer’s paperwork. The news source encourages readers to ask for pictures of projects roofers have completed in the past that are along the lines or what your home requires. For that matter, see if it’s possible for the roofer to take you to see other homes he or she has worked on. That way, you can be a little more certain that you’re making a smart decision.

Online Reviews and Affiliations

Look for reputable roofers like Knockout Roofing that are members of the Better Business Bureau and trusted groups like Angie’s List. Reviews are also a great way to determine if a business has a good track record.