Spring Shingle Roofing Inspection and Upkeep

Within any roofing system that utilizes them, shingles are a vital component. Important for protecting the home or building and its occupants from various water intrusions and other weather elements, shingles come in a few different styles and options.

At Knockout Roofing, shingles are just one area we help with when it comes to commercial or residential roofing repair needs. The spring period we’re in right now is a perfect time of year to pay some extra attention to shingles, which will have taken some additional strain over the long Utah winter and may need some small tweaks or repairs to ensure they’re functioning optimally headed into spring showers and the summer. Here are some basics we can offer you on assessing your shingle roof during the spring.

spring shingle roofing upkeep

Visual Inspection

When it comes to inspecting any element of your roof, whether it’s shingles or otherwise, your safety should come first above all else. With this in mind, we do not recommend actually climbing up onto the roof itself to inspect it unless you’re a certified roofing professional.

Instead, you can give the roof an adequate visual inspection from the ground, using binoculars or some other assist if needed. For a closer view of any particular areas, you can consider a ladder – but only if it’s sturdy and held by another person at the base for safety. Check the shingles for dark patches that single bare shingles, broken patches, shingles that have buckled or are missing, plus any gaps or valleys in flashing or along the edge of the roof.

Gutter Inspection

When you’re performing your outdoor inspection, be sure not to overlook your gutters. Any blockages or overflow issues can lead to major siding and wall damage, plus may impact the shingles in some configurations. The spring period is an important one for cleaning and maintaining gutters and their downspouts so they function as a useful part of the drainage system, not an obstacle.

Water Intrusions

The outside of the roof isn’t the only area you should check to assess the quality of your current shingles. You should also examine indoor areas like ceilings, attics and exterior walls for any water stains or other signs of leaking or shingle issues – in the attic, for instance, the ability to see up into daylight through small holes means water can make its way through these same openings and cause damage.

These aren’t only visual signs you’re looking for, either. You may smell moisture or mildew scents coming from areas where water has leaked in, or may hear dripping water even if you can’t see it. All of these issues could signal an issue with shingles that’s allowing water through.  For more on spring shingle care and inspection, or to learn about any of our roofing repair services, speak to the pros at Knockout Roofing today.