Is a Tear-Off Roof Replacement Necessary?

Tear-Off Roof Replacement

A tear-off roof replacement is a major home improvement project — and a costly one. If you don’t have the money on hand to invest in a whole new roof, you may decide to explore your options.

What if you only repaired the damaged sections of the roof? What if you could make your roof last longer to give you time to save up more money?

It’s a hard decision to make for any homeowner, because of financial concerns and the fact that you want to make sure you get everything you can out of your current roof. Keep reading to learn about the differences between a complete tear-off and making repairs, and decide which course of action is for you.

Know Your Roof: What Seems to Be the Problem?

Deciding between a repair or a replacement involves knowing the facts about your roof. How old is it? Does it still carry a warranty? Which contractor installed it? Do you have repair records available?

If your roof is showing signs of wear, you should have a professional diagnose the problem. Is the flashing letting water seep into the roof deck? Are the shingles crumbling? Is inadequate attic venting contributing to mold and rot?

Find out the answers to these questions and you will determine the severity of the issues.

Advantages of a Tear-Off

A tear-off roof replacement involves completely ripping off the current shingles and resurfacing the home with brand-new materials. One of the main reasons this type of replacement is recommended is it allows the roofing contractor to examine the underlying deck. Workers can replace areas affected by previously unseen water damage.

If you opt for a roof replacement but decide to take a cheaper route and simply cover the old shingles with the new, you may pay the price later. The weight may be too heavy for the home to bear, and structural problems could arise. It is also harder to attach a second layer of shingles to the deck, so they may be more susceptible to flying off in high winds or letting in moisture.

When Are Repairs the Smart Choice?

Spot repairs may be the most cost-effective solution for roofing problems if the roof is less than 20 years old, the rest of the roof’s surface is in good condition and the damage is minor. If the job involves replacing missing shingles or reattaching loose flashing, a professional contractor can most likely make the repairs affordably.

Make sure all repairs are conducted in accordance with the original roofer’s or manufacturer’s warranty, and keep a record of the project.

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