Tips For Avoiding A Reroofing

A total residential reroofing can be a costly and time-consuming process but reputable roofers can also help to prolong the life of your roof so you don’t have to replace it prematurely. Most people, for entirely understandable reasons, don’t pay especially close Roof Inspectionattention to their roofs. That means the tops of their houses could be descending into disrepair while they remain utterly oblivious. Little do they know that taking better care of their roofs, inarguably one of the most important elements of their homes, isn’t as difficult as one would think.

Know What To Look For
Needless to say, simply checking up on a roof’s condition every few months helps ensure that damage will be seen before they become worst-case scenarios. It’s important to recognize red flags during a rooftop examination. Are the metal components – rain gutters, for instance – getting rusty? Is the wood growing moldy? Are any shingles pealing or falling off? If you see any of these issues, repairs or cleaning may very well be necessary.

Keep The Gutters Clear
Never underestimate the importance of clean rain gutters. Removing leaves and other forms of debris at least twice a year goes a long way toward preventing mold and various forms of water damage that can eventually affect an entire home.

Block Up Holes
Even if a hole in a roof isn’t directly leaking water into a home, it should be patched up as quickly as possible. Squirrels, birds and other woodland critters looking for a free place to stay may jump at the chance to borough themselves in a damaged roof. So unless a homeowner has thought of a way to make birds and squirrels pay rent, holes should be made inaccessible as soon as possible.

Eyeball A Roof’s Accessories
Not every roof includes fans, vents or skylights. But for those that do, homeowners should periodically check on them to ensure they haven’t been clogged, damaged or overrun with debris of any kind. The same goes doubly true for any solar panels placed atop a home. After all, damaged solar panels won’t allow for efficient energy production for your home.

Periodically checking your roof can ensure that you catch any potential problems early enough to avoid an expensive repair. However, even if a roof has been neglected past the point of no return, there are a number of qualified roofers who can assess and estimate a complete residential re-roofing.