Which Type of Metal Roof is Right for You?

Types of Metal Roofing

You already know why a metal roof is the ideal choice for your home. They last decades longer than an asphalt roof, they’re fire-resistant and very little maintenance is required to keep them in ideal condition.

But when you’re trying to decide on the exact material to use for your roof, you have another decision to make. Which type of metal is going to fit your budget and still provide the level of protection you’re looking for?


Aluminum is a popular choice for a metal roof because it is so lightweight, yet strong. It offers a protective shield for your home without weighing down its structure. This also makes it easier to install. Aluminum is more resistant to corrosion than other metal choices. It also reflects heat, keeping your attic cooler than other alternatives.

Aluminum is not attractive without a coat of paint, so it usually comes finished. It is moderately priced, and delivers a high return on investment for homeowners.


Steel is the most affordable option for a metal roof, and it’s also the most common. While steel is prone to corrosion, it’s coated with zinc to help prevent rust on its edges and where it can get dented and scratched.


Since copper is somewhat difficult to obtain, it’s more expensive, so it’s a less common material choice for a metal roof. However, when installed, it has a classy, attractive sheen. It’s resistant to corrosion and absorbs sound better than other metal roofing materials. Due to its hefty price tag, it’s commonly used as an accent over a dormer or window rather than an entire roof.


Zinc is a formable material and also lightweight. Like copper, it is somewhat costly and rare, but beautiful when installed. Zinc is environmentally friendly because its runoff is nontoxic, but it can stain the siding. A unique characteristic of zinc is its ability to self-heal. When scratched or dented, it will eventually recover.

Hiring the Right Roofing Contractor

No matter what material you end up selecting, it is extremely important to choose your contractor wisely when you’re installing a metal roof. A metal roof cannot be installed with incompatible materials. For example, if you decide to use two different types of metal, they must be installed in the correct order or else water runoff from a higher plane to a lower plane could cause corrosion and ultimately destroy the metal.

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