In Utah, Energy Efficient Roofing Can Save Big Money

Should you consider energy efficient roofing modifications for your Utah home? For many homeowners in the Intermountain West, replacing an older roof with new, energy efficient materials can substantially lower energy consumption – along with the corresponding bills.

So-called “cool roofs” – previously only available for low-sloped roofs typically used in commercial applications – are now available for steeper sloped roofs used in most Utah residential designs.

In Utah, Energy Efficient Roofing Can Save Big Money

What Roofing Materials Are Considered Energy Efficient?

Today, industry experts tell us that solar reflectance and emissivity – the ability of a material to release absorbed heat – are the keys to energy efficiency in roofing products. The better a material can reflect solar energy, the less cooling you’ll need to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

The most effective roofing materials for energy efficiency might seem very familiar to you, as they are the same materials roofing contractors have been using for decades, but with slight modifications to improve reflectivity.

Cool-colored clay and concrete tile, made with reflective pigments, are highly effective for reflecting the sun’s heat. Metal roofing materials coated with infrared-reflecting pigments are also popular. But, perhaps not surprisingly, good, old asphalt shingles are being manufactured for improved energy efficiency. Finally, metal shingles are quickly gaining market share in the energy efficient roofing materials industry.

How Much Can You Save with Energy Efficient Roofing Materials? reports that using certified energy efficient roofing materials can cut your peak demand cooling by as much as 15 percent. And, since many cool roofing materials typically don’t cost significantly more than traditional products – as stated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – you won’t be spending substantially more money upfront in most cases.

Energy efficient roof products also tend to be more durable. Consequently, your roof will last longer and require fewer repairs than you’re used to. Finally, because today’s home buyers value the financial and environmental benefits of green building materials, you could even realize a direct increase in your home’s value and salability.

Should You Opt for an Energy-Efficient Roof Replacement?

If you’re on the fence about roof replacement, consider the current condition of your home’s roof. Some good indications that it’s time for replacement include the following:

  • The roof’s warranty has expired

  • You’re experiencing frequent leaking

  • You have water damage below the roof

  • You’re spending too much money on repairs

  • You’re spending too much time on maintenance

Another good reason to consider a roofing replacement is if you want to improve your home’s curb appeal and value. Home Advisor reports that you could recover as much as half your investment if you choose a roofing material that improves the home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency.

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