Will Your Utah Roof Repairs Require a Building Permit?

If you’re planning a Utah roof repair project, will you need a building permit?

With most roof repairs, the answer is yes. Building codes and zoning laws aren’t exactly the same everywhere in Utah, but most cities and towns require permits for changes or additions.

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The purpose is to ensure that the construction work meets certain safety and quality standards. In some cases, permits also ensure that the repairs meet environmental requirements as well.

Minor Roof Repair May Not Require a Permit in Some Locations

But in some Utah cities and towns, work that is minor or considered to be general maintenance may not require a permit.

How do you know if you can skip the permitting process for your roof repair project?

As a rule of thumb, repairs that are not structural and cost less than $1,000 may fall under the general maintenance classification.

The key word here is may. The building codes in your Utah city or county could mandate building permits for all roof repairs. Your local building department or zoning office can give you information on the specific permitting regulations and requirements in your area.

You Will Need a Building Permit for Bigger Utah Roof Repair Jobs

Do you have significant roof damage to repair, or are you planning a full tear-off and reroofing project? Regardless of where you live in Utah, you will need a building permit for these projects.

If you fail to obtain the proper permits, the local government could stop the construction work and fine you. Emergency roof repairs may be an exception to this rule, as the zoning office isn’t open 24/7. However, if you need emergency roofing work when the office is closed, you’re expected to obtain a permit at your first opportunity.

How Do You Get a Building Permit for Utah Roof Repair?

Now here’s the good news — you may not even have to step foot in your local zoning office. When you hire a licensed Utah roofing contractor, obtaining the building permits and seeing to the necessary inspections are part of their job.

It’s better for your roofing contractor to take out the permit. If you take it out yourself, you may be liable for ensuring that the roof repairs are done to code. If the building inspector indicated that corrections must be made, you could be held responsible for making sure that the work is done properly.

The expert team at Knockout Roofing handles all aspects of your project, including the building permits and city inspections. To learn more or to schedule a free consultation, call our Salt Lake City office today. Rely on us for all of your Utah roof repair needs.