Is it Possible to Waterproof Your Roof?

Waterproof Roof

If you live in a climate with significant precipitation, you have probably thought about how to waterproof your roof to prevent leaks, water damage and expensive repairs on the inside and outside of your home. Is complete roof waterproofing an achievable goal? Can you safeguard your roof and your home against all water damage?

Shingle and Flashing Design

Roofing material manufacturers understand the importance of moisture resistance, and they design shingles so water runs off the surface. While they may not be completely waterproof, the water resistance is complete enough to ensure no moisture seeps in and penetrates the lower roof deck.

Similarly, flashing is constructed of either galvanized steel or aluminum. Flashing is designed to fit around vents and chimneys to prevent water penetration in seams and cracks. Water runs directly off the metal and into the drainage system.

Membrane Protection

Besides ensuring your roof is equipped with water-resistant shingles and flashing, you can also work with a reputable roofer to install a lower waterproof membrane directly onto the deck.

If you are preparing to get a replacement sometime soon, investigate your membrane options for the specific type of roof on your home. These membranes are often marketed toward homeowners with slightly sloped or flat roofs, since they have a higher risk of holding standing water.

Roofing membranes are usually constructed of either synthetic rubber, thermoplastic polyolefin, PVC or other energy-efficient materials. The membrane is completely seamless and is bonded together as the sheets are applied directly onto the surface.

Don’t Depend on Do-it-Yourself Solutions

Making your roof as waterproof as possible should be a priority, especially when harsher weather is on its way, but don’t try to apply waterproof coatings on your own, and don’t use an amateur company.

You can easily injure yourself by climbing onto a roof without the correct safety equipment or proper training. Also, applying an unauthorized coating to the roof’s surface may void any workmanship or manufacturer warranty that currently covers your home. It is absolutely vital to call the original installer before making any alterations to the roof to see if they can provide any alternative solutions if your roof currently has a water problem.

Quality Material Installation

To waterproof your roof as comprehensively as possible, start by trusting an experienced, proven roofing contractor with the original installation. Even if the best roofing materials are used, they will inadequately protect your roof, attic and home if they are installed improperly.

Call Knockout Roofing for a free assessment of your roof’s current condition and to find out what steps you can take to waterproof your roof further in advance of the upcoming winter.