Ways to Prepare Your Roof For Winter

Snowy Roof

Maybe you’ve considered roof snow removal and heat cables to fend off the powder that’s on its way. But maybe you’ve never even heard of those terms. Either way, the coldest season of the year is almost here, and you’ll want to prepare your business or home roof for the cooler temps and nasty weather. Follow these tips to prevent roof damage and hopefully save yourself money and headaches, too.

1. Estimate how much the snow weighs and know how much weight your roof can support.

Don’t panic just yet. The average roof can hold about 20 pounds of snow per square foot, according to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety. You don’t have to break out the calculator to know that a roof should hold a lot of snow. Many homes built in areas that typically get plenty of snow are created to withstand bad weather. To ease your mind even more, the organization suggests contacting your building department to verify if your roof was designed to hold heavy snow.

2. Consider Adding Heat Cables.

If you have issues with ice clogging your gutters or creating ice dams on your roof, heating cables may be right for your home. Clogged, icy gutters and water pooling on roofs might not sound too bad, but the problem is that the ice can melt with no way to exit, potentially leading to a leaky roof. And no, slipping on ice on your way out to fetch the morning paper is not a good way to start the day. Heat cables line your gutters and prevent ice from accumulating there. Turn them on when the weather turns icy to prevent waking up to mini ice burgs all over your lawn.

3. Remove Snow and Ice From Your Roof.

By keeping ice and snow to a minimum, you’ll reduce the chances that your roof will collapse due to the heavy weight of the snow. Snow removal involves taking snow off your roof to keep the weight down. A snow rake is a handy tool you can use to dispose of it yourself. But since that takes time and can be physically draining (if not downright dangerous), Knockout Roofing offers commercial snow removal services and residential roof clearing if you’d rather have someone else take care of it for you.

Old man winter is on his way, but the professionals at Knockout Roofing can help you prepare your home to withstand the icy weather that’s almost here. Get in touch with the company today and be prepared for cooler temperatures.