Five Ways to Make Your Roof Last Longer

Roof Maintenance

Every time you pull in your driveway, you get the chance to admire your home. You worked hard to become a homeowner, and you should be proud of your accomplishment. Now you want to make sure your home is properly cared for, and part of that includes regular repairs and maintenance. Your roof is an important part of your home, and expensive to replace. Here are five tips on how to make your roof last longer.

Clean Gutters

The importance of clear gutters cannot be overstated. Your roof is frequently in contact with precipitation: a light drizzling rain, a heavy downpour or a blanketing snowstorm. If the drainage system on your roof is blocked, your house could suffer serious damage. Standing water in the form of melting snow or collected rainwater is not good for your roof, and what isn’t good for the roof isn’t good for the rest of your home either.

Clear Threatening Branches

Don’t put off trimming branches on nearby trees. Tree limbs can destroy whole sections of your roof, and even cause it to collapse. If a nearby tree is dead or dying, have it cut down immediately. Falling trees are not only dangerous for your home, but can have deadly consequences for you and your family members.

Beware of Moss

Moss is a sign of moisture. The primary way to make your roof last longer is to completely remove moisture, so moss should be cleared away as soon as possible. Call our professional Knockout Roofing team to scrape the moss away gently so that your shingles are not damaged in the process.

Check Roof Flashing

The purpose of flashing is to prevent water from seeping under shingles and roofing materials and leaking into your home. Flashing is installed around all the openings in a roof — skylights, chimneys, vents and in the joints to direct water toward the gutters. Flashing takes a beating from the elements and can corrode or rust over time. A professional roofing team can easily replace old flashing that’s no longer doing its job correctly.

Inspect the Roof Regularly

At least once a season, thoroughly inspect your roof from the ground. Though it might be tempting to climb up and get up close and personal with your shingles, don’t do it. It is a high-risk situation. You can still get a good view by using binoculars from ground level. If you notice any shingles that are starting to buckle, have them replaced.

Stay aware of your roof’s condition. Use these roofing maintenance guidelines to protect your investment and make your roof last longer. For further assistance with all of your roofing needs, our specialists at Knockout Roofing are ready and willing to help.